Entering the world of International Schools

"It was a great pleasure to welcome the Street Racket team at Hout Bay International School. Within a few minutes they had our students involved in a fantastic set of skills based games and activities. This is without a doubt a brilliant concept and product and our school will be exploring options of implementing this within our Physical Education curriculum. The benefits are endless and the games so enjoyable that students will want to play it during their breaks."


Director of Student Affairs, CAS Coordinator, PYP Physical Education - Hout Bay International Schoool

This testimonial shows the broad and lasting effect Street Racket can unfold wherever it is introduced! And it only takes a lesson or two, lead by one of our instructors, to teach the basics and our philosophy. We are very happy about our first session with an International School (introducing Street Racket in two classes with different age groups and their teachers) and about the implications this could have on thousands of kids and teachers everywhere - within the International School network and beyond. The Street Racket team will travel to Dusseldorf in Germany after the "Mission South Africa" to conduct workshops at a PE conference for International Schools with participants from all around the world, and the Hout Bay example will help to give extra credibility to this still very young concept.

Shorty before the introduction in Hout Bay we were invited to Sea Point primary school in the centre of Cape Town. There we worked with 30+ teachers who were all very impressed with the simplicity and at the same time the incredible variety that the game forms offer to all. The school, nestled into a steep hill overlooking the famous Waterfront and Robben Island, only has very small spaces available for their sport programs. Here lies another strength of Street Racket: Any space, no matter how small or narrow, can be included to access all the benefits of this movement game. The principal, the sports coordinator and the rest of the staff want to connect us with more schools in the area and they are very positive that Street Racket will be played in many, many places very soon ....

The Sea Point Primary team during their Street Racket class with Marcel Straub

Street Racket connects with IES - International Education Systems

Street Racket action at Hout Bay International school

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