Finally! The Street Racket booklet „games, exercises, tips and tricks“ is also out in English now!

We are very happy to provide Street Racket players and users from all around the world with this helpful instrument to implement our movement games everywhere and for everyone.

The book explains the philosophy of Street Racket and how all players of all ages and levels can find the ideal starting point, their favorite games and how they can develop new ways of playing to create new fun challenges!

We want everyone to be successful from the very start and thus find even more motivation for regular activity. The booklet makes sure that by playing many forms of racket-and-ball games the required skills will improve quickly - and the motorskills in general will be promoted playfully!

This collection of games includes a countless number of activities on the characteristic courts (single, cross, XL, wall) consisting of some squares drawn directly onto the ground. But it also shows a large number of fun and social playing forms „off court“, like Street Racket darts, golf, boccia or the very versatile island game.

By downloading this eBook that took three years to complete you will have even more fun and success with your Street Racket activities.

On the exact day of publishing this document we registered the first official Street Racket activities in Ethiopia, Myanmar, South Korea and Scotland! So this eBook will also be a big help for our community in these new corners of the world! As a next step we are planning the versions for each respective country along with our licencees or the government. Stay tuned for those updates.

Street Racket promotes sport and health in general and wants to unite people in social play - therefore integration and inclusion plays an important role in our concept.

It’s a wonderful and easy to learn motor skill training and includes brain fitness as well.

We fight inactivity, obesity, diabetes and illnesses caused by lack of exercise and want people to be active until a very old age!

So let’s rock the street together!

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