Smiling teachers & smiling carpenters @ Smiling Gecko

Smiling Gecko was founded by charismatic artist Hannes Schmid. The Swiss based NGO has made incredible efforts to secure education, jobs and homes for hundreds of families in Cambodia. 

The Street Racket team was invited to stay at the magnificent Smiling Gecko farmhouse northwest of the capital during a 3 day kick off period of a wonderful collaboration that contains many exciting aspects such as: -Training the teachers of the Smiling Gecko school that will educate up to 4000 kids of the province -Training some of the staff to become official Street Racket instructors to promote the concept in the whole country -Starting the local production of Street Racket rackets in the Smiling Gecko carpentry for distribution in Cambodia and the surrounding countries -Introducing the many game forms of Street Racket to the 30 employees of this carpentry to gain more knowledge and connection to the product they are making and to transfer the activities to their homes and villages We are thrilled about the quick progress of this project and we can’t wait to see all the good that it will bring. Thank you Smiling Gecko not just for working with us but for everything you do for so many people in need. 

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