Street Racket (c) is a very attractive way of spending time in a meaningful fashion - in various areas. Our projects are designed to develop Street Racket (c) in the different targeted fields and circumstances to create a maximum output for the benefactors.


Realized projects:

Sport development in the Caribbean

Introduction of Street Racket (c) and do it yourself material in various schools of Dominica, supported by the Dominican government (Sports Division).  We were also part of a successful Table Tennis Project by Sport Aid Dominica (a Swiss NPO) which was backed by the Swiss Department of Foregin Affairs.

Physical education in Switzerland

Successful tests and development of Street Racket (c) rules in different schools and age groups. One of the main benefits of working with the schools is the fact, that the idea and it's possiblities reach every single kid, not just those who are already active, healthy and motivated.


Running  projects:

Asylum Organisation Zurich

Asylums and shelters are often lacking the possibility for activity and an occasional highlight in an otherwise very difficult and tragic period of life for the people concerned. There is neither enough space or money. Street Racket (c) can change that and offer a way of integration, fun and structure. The recent weeks and months have sadly shown how big a need for these kinds of moments there is with the dramatic increase of refugees and migrants looking for a new future.

On June 11, 2016 Street Racket has been successfully introduced in the Durchgnagszentrum Juch in Zurich.



Street Racket goes Rwanda

Street Racket will be introduced in Rwanda in cooperation with the Rwanda Orphanage Project on July 19 and 20. In several workshop Street Racket will train some staff of the project (train the trainer) as well as directly work with the children. Please find additional details in our news-blog.

Pending projects:

Public places (Airports, Train Stations, Shopping Malls)

Street Racket (c) can acitivate the public and offer an abundance of healthy and happy moments - while the same people would just sit or be inactive in the meantime. Imagine being able to play Street Racket (c) while waiting for a delayed plane or your turn at a counter for a public service. Also, the image of the institution, offering Street Racket to their customers, will soar at no extra costs. And people will get together in a new and positive way.
Long term projects, visions and goals:
Street Racket (c) wants to acitivate kids, schools, communities and virtually everyone around the globe
Street Racket (c) helps to achieve the goals sport is believed to deliver (e.g. white paper on sport by the European Union)
Street Racket (c) is played worldwide and organized in national and international federations as well as local clubs