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I am happy to support your work by the below mentioned amount

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Street Racket has been invited to introduce Street Racket to the SPAT organisation. SPAT leads a wonderful and impressive project which is hosting a program to train people with disability to become PE teachers (2 years program). 

SPAT stands for Sport and Phyisical Activity Trainer, and thanks to this program, thousands of Ethiopian children with disabilities were able to grow up playing sports, something which is far from self-evident in a developing country like Ethiopia.

We plan the following cooperation:

- Street Racket should become a module of the PE teacher training program. 

- Street Racket shall be part of the SPAT festival held in Addis Abeba April 29- May 5, 2019

- All PE teacher that have finished the training program and are already working in the field shall take part in a Street Racket introduction course

- Some people of the PE teacher training program shall become Street Racket instructors and continue our work there.

We are convinced that this cooperation would be of great value to the program and we absolutely would like to use this opportunity. 

We therefore need to raise money:

- Flight, travel expenses, accommodation etc. CHF 800.-

- Donation Material (NGO price) CHF 550.-

- all Street Racket introduction lessons (NGO price): CHF 550.-

- Street Racket activity @ SPAT festival: CHF 250.-

Overall CHF 2150.-


Lets rock the streets in Addis Abeba, thank you for supporting,sharing and shouting out to your rich friends and family