Street Racket License Concept

What is a Street Racket Licensee?

A Street Racket licensee is building his own Street Racket business in a specific field of work / geographic area. He gets the rights to use the Street Racket IP rights, concept and knowhow.

Can I become a Street Racket Licensee?

If you are sharing our vision to bring out Street Racket to anyone, having racket sport and / or pedagogic background and you are willing to build a business and work as an entrepreneur, you are our woman / man.

To become a licensee, you need to have your own company, you can not become an employee of Street Racket.

How does it work?

A Street Racket Licensee must be a certified Street Racket instructor, sign a license agreement and pay the license fee.

How can I generate income?

With Street Racket we can reach out to everyone, so your business field is very broad. Here a few options to generate income / revenue

  • Resale the whole range of Street Racket products

  • Offer Street Racket services /courses to schools, companies, public sector

  • Apply for funds / donations to make Street Racket accessible to NPO projects etc

  • Partner with Sponsors

  • Organize Street Racket events

  • Offer Street Racket activities at public (sport) events

  • Draw permanent Street Racket courts

We work successfully in the following areas:

  • In schools (sports lessons / active breaks / learning in movement)

  • Public health / healthy communities

  • Kids sport

  • Sports clubs (alternative training methods)

  • Girls’ sports

  • Training for people with Myopia

  • Corporate Health

  • Sport for elderly people

  • Sport for people with physical and mental handicap

  • Prisons

  • Refugee Camps


Are you interested in becoming a Street Racket licensee?

We are happy to hear from you, please contact us



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