Thank you for your interest in Street Racket. We would like to introduce Street Racket with the following information and we would be very happy to get your attention and take things further.


Why do we need your support?

With Street Racket we want to make (racket) sport and motor skill training accessible for everyone, everywhere. We see ourselves as promoters of health, movement and active communities and in particular want to reach those who otherwise have no or very limited access to such measures. Street Racket has a very big and lasting impact in these areas, thanks to the simple setting, the flexible concept and fluent and fun movement games that can be played by all.

We want to transform countless, unused or wrongly used spaces into places where people come together in play, creating near and safe sports grounds - devoid of any infrastructure, both in urban and rural settings. Street Racket includes everyone and guarantees sudden feelings of success, which leads to motivation for regular activities and boosts the self esteem of everyone involved. Street Racket has an empowering effect and therefore goes far beyond "only" being a movement game.

With Street Racket, everyday life should be more active and social, and the players can also benefit from the many positive aspects of racket sports (hand-eye coordination / motorskill development / competence in movement / accident prevention).


Who is Street Racket?

Street Racket is an association for the purpose of introducing and distributing Street Racket as a movement game. We do not work commercially. We operate according to the principle of a "lean organization" and keep our administration system as small as possible. Where necessary, we outsource to third party services or work with freelancers.


What is Street Racket?

Street Racket is a new, innovative racket and ball game and a versatile form of movement and play for all. Regardless of gender, age or physical condition, Street Racket reaches out to everyone. Street Racket can be set up anywhere within seconds and needs no infrastructure and therefore no logistics, no storage and most importantly, no maintenance. 
A standard court consists of 3 identical squares in a row, the middle one replaces the net (that you would find in tennis, table tennis or badminton) and is played over. The squares are scalable and can be adapted to any given space available as well as the abilities and the fitness of the players. In addition to the official Street Racket rackets, the ball can be played with other hitting devices (which can also be made by hand) or even the hand if the original equipment is (initially) not available. In addition to the official Street Racket Ball, which were designed to match the rackets and the rules perfectly, there are other balls that can be tried out and used for similar effects. The only requirement is that the ball bounces high enough (but not too high to maintain a natural and easy swing plain) and matches the chosen hitting device.

The simple but characteristic and game-changing rules guarantee a quick sense of achievement, which in turn increases the motivation and the fun factor and thus significantly supports sustainability.

Street Racket is intended to promote racket sports (and therefore excellent and playful motorskill training) locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Street Racket does not compete with existing racket sports in any way, but forms a new base so around the globe people can enter this very important part within the world of health and sports.

Since the concept and the rules of the game are based on control and precision / racket skills instead of strength and speed, generational and gender-spanning forms of play are very well possible. Street Racket is for everyone, always and everywhere!


Why Street Racket?

We invite you to watch our explanatory video.      







How does Street Racket work?

Street Racket was developed according to the principle "simplify to the max". The rules are deliberately kept simple so that they can be learned, implemented, remembered and transferred quickly - so that the game can also spread very quickly and maximize the positive effects. The focus is not not on speed or strength but on ball control, which  leads to a fluid game with many actions and positive moments - and even beginners have an immediate sense of achievement. The material is simple and durable and both the material and the versatile forms of movement are very safe. Crucial for the broad and trouble free use is also that the Street Racket courts can be drawn in a few seconds with chalk (or with other kinds of markings) on the ground. Thus, the underground can be used at any time for other activities and the areas are not "occupied" for a specific purpose. Street Racket can be played on any hard surface (indoor and outdoor), and we have already developed exercise forms that can be played on grass and sand, too. 
We have designed official Street Racket material that is sold through the webshop operated by spin-out solutions GmbH. However, possession of such a set is not required to play Street Racket.




How did Street Racket come to life?


Street Racket was invented and founded by Marcel Straub, a longtime member of the Swiss Squash national team, with a federal diploma of physical education from Zurich University and former head of  the  Center of Competence for Physical Education in the city of Zurich. Co-Inventor and co-founder Rahel Straub has a federal diploma in law, is an entrepreneur and marketing manager.  
Street Racket was created in 2015 during a private mission to support the development of physical education in the Caribbean (Blog about the origin of Street Racket). In an existing project we founded a small sub-project for introduction of table tennis and footbag in Dominica. We collected donations in Switzerland and spent two months on the island of Dominica. However, the local infrastructure, especially for table tennis, was not available as expected and so we were forced to invent other forms of racket sports that are so easy to play that they can be played anywhere. The first forms of Street Racket were born and they worked very well to everybody's delight. Back in Switzerland, we developed the basic idea further and shaped it into today's concept.. With minimal infrastructure and simple rules, Street Racket can be used in a variety of settings. Be it in the public sector (increase of the active part of the population), in school sports (physical education, sports days, events, active breaks and learning in movement), for people with a handicap, in asylums and refugee camps, in prisons, in youth sports and also for elderly people to keep mobile and active, to include girls and women in sport (and society), for all kinds of sports clubs and other (non sporting) teams, and much more.
Street Racket is already in action in all these areas, with great feedback, sustainable impact, and rapidly growing demand.


As an example for the many fields of Street Racket action: Street Racket for refugees


Where is Street Racket already working?


Out latest mission, "Mission South Africa" was a big success and we have been received with great enthusiasm. The two months of promoting Street Racket in a new country and creating a very big impact at minimal costs proved the main point of Street Racket: That we can get to anyone, anywhere and reach our goals - increase the level of healthy regular activity and bring people together in play. Street Racket, once introduced, is multiplied wherever it is introduced as the rules and setting allow it to be enjoyed and understood by all. What we did in Africa can be done in any country in the world! We were able to introduce Street Racket in various schools, build cooperation with NPOs in townships, and train a team of instructors who, after our return to Switzerland, can pass on our ideas and care for demo sessions and introductions. The demands on workshops are constantly increasing and we are pleased to be able to continue our work on further visits here. One of the most memorable experiences was the launch of Street Racket at Poolsmor Prison, a high-security prison where Nelson Mandela spent part of his time. More impressions of this event and "Mission South Africa" can be found on our Blog.
Street Racket has already been introduced in numerous schools in Switzerland and other countries, either as a form of exercise and movement for physical education, for active breaks or in the field of learning in movement / education / other subjects such as maths or languages. Also, various permanent Street Racket courts have been painted to support sustainability and to enhance the learning environment of active and healthy schools on their premises.
Street Racket works closely with Pro Senectute in senior sports as well as the Plusport (national federation for sports for people with a handicap) - both with top (paralympic) athletes and at the base. In addition to the introduction of Street Racket in asylum centers in Switzerland, our team introduced Street Racket in various refugee camps in Serbia. Thanks to a cooperation with another NGO, more than 400 rackets were produced by volunteers on site and distributed to refugees. Permanent courts were also painted and the many game forms were introduced and played. 

Outside of Serbia, we were able to generate activities in other European countries during our first year of activity and build exciting collaborations. As an example, find HERE the report on the introduction of Street Racket in Estonia. In addition to the areas mentioned, Street Racket is excellently suited in the area of peace and development.. Like hardly any other sport Street Racket can be very easily introduced and implemented efficiently. Following the "train the trainer" concept, we would like to train employees from existing projects and aid organizations to ensure the sustainable introduction of Street Racket. With Street Racket, people can get involved that otherwise would never have access to sports because of the lack of infrastructure and financial resources.

Other exciting pilot projects are underway, for example in orphanages in Rwanda and in a children correction center in Kenya. Also, we have just launched the shipment of Street Racket equipment to a refugee camp in Latakia, Syria, with a partner organization. The minimal infrastructure requirements as well as the fact that Street Racket can be played by anyone, anytime and anywhere make Street Racket a great tool to implemented in such challenging locations as these -a sustainable use is guaranteed.


We are happy to hear from you and are very motivated to work with you to get even more impact around the globe!


We also gladly accept direct donations, thank you very much.