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The new movement concept Street Racket ( Created by coincidence - developed over many years with a lot know-how, many experts and huge effort, now ready to be introduced globally.
We have quit our jobs because we are convinced to contribute towards a healthier and more active society in a very sustainable way. Are you willing to join us in this exciting and interesting journey?


Our goal is to introduce Street Racket globally. We believe that our concept has the biggest impact in areas where the budget for health and sports promotion is very low or missing. We want everyone to benefit from Street Racket. With your support we can introduce Street Racket literally everywhere on this plant. We focus on schools and existing, local projects as well as special target areas such as refugee camps, prisons, and more. Whenever possible we work with the "train the trainer" method where the most people can be reached and the best multiplication can be achieved - so even more players of all age groups and origins can be reached.


Become a Street Racket Donor

Become a Street Racket Donor and donate CHF 500.- per year. This money is fully used for the implementation of Street Racket in various projects abroad (donations of equipment, training costs and expenses such as travel and accommodation).

Each donor receives a special Street Racket Set, produced exclusively for the donor's club (2 handmade rackets, 4 balls and chalk), an annual report on the projects and an invitation to the annual Donor's Club Event with a Street Racket introduction / demonstration of new games and developments followed by a social fun tournament.

Beome a donor gold member

For an annual fee of CHF 5'000.- you will receive a Street Racket XL set produced  exclusively for donors (24 handmade rackets, 24 balls and chalk) and a free training for up to 25 people (introduction the Street Racket basics and including a focus on  a specific topic such as corporate health or alternative training methods, etc.) as well as the annual report on the projects abroad.

Are you motivated to support Street Racket around the globe?

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