digital tutorial

The comprehensive Street Racket online tutorial includes the full Street Racket know - how to introduce and implement this versatile movement and education concept. In any school, NGO, sports club or any other organization. You will learn everything you need to know about the goals, the rules, the various settings and how to get started at any age or playing level. The tutorial makes all players and coaches familiar with the fundamentals of racket and ball and the many ways of play, including lots of variations as well as methodical and didactical tips. There is also an interesting preview into learning thorough movement and an insight on how you can individualize the activities so everyone will experience a fair and exciting challenge that meets the current needs and possibilities.

The tutorial can also be used to get certified as an official instructor (as an alternative to attending an instructors class) and to become a licensee. 

You can buy the tutorial for 49 Swiss Francs or rent it for 24.50 Swiss Francs for 24 hours to get familiar with Street Racket.


You can also get this tutorial on a Street Racket branded Memory-Stick.

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